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Business Investing in Canada


Canada Investment and Business Immigration

With the new Investor opportunities visa in Canada, you may be eligible for a permanent residence through the Canada Business Immigration Program, as Canada offers tremendous opportunities for foreigners who are willing to do business in Canada in specialized streams. With the objective of the Business Immigration Program, Canada ensures to encourage investment and develop the employment in Canada through the immigrants who have the ability and rate of success to successfully establish or invest in a business in Canada.

By investing up to 350,000 CAD, can get you and your entire family into Canada within 4-6 months, will makes you eligible for this program. Canada welcomes business people with genuine and unique business ideas, who are seeking new opportunities and challenges for both the federal and provincial/territorial sectors all around Canada. This Business Immigration Program is designed to encourage and facilitate business immigrants and offer services to help immigrants start a business and settle in Canada for short or long terms.

Business Visa for Canada is issued for professionals, executives and enterpreneurs to condut and promote their business in Canada on a temperory visit . You can attend trade shows, conferences, facilitate the trades, promote business activities and business meetings as well on Canadian Business Visa.

You need either a visitor visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to come to Canada. You may also need to provide your fingerprints and photo (biometrics) if applying for a visitor visa.


    Categories under business visas, are:
  • Qualified and intelligent Investors
  • Entrepreneurs in all ranges
  • Self Employed and Talented professionals
  • PNP based Business Programs
  • Corporate Sector Immigration