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Canada PR Express Entry System


Migrate to Canada, get into Permanent Residence in Canada via Express Entry System

Permanent Residency / PR visa is an individual's occupant status in a nation of which they are not residents. This is more often than not for a permanent period; an individual with such status is known as a permanent occupant. In the United States, such an individual is formally alluded to as a Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR).

Permanent residency status in Canada is conceded because of the Immigration Visa, a sort of visa issued to endorsed workers. Regularly an outsider visa is substantial for a while and must be utilized inside this time or it will wind up invalid, requiring another application for movement. After you have an Immigrant Visa, you will be issued permanent residency in Canada once you touch base at the airplane terminal or land fringe in Canada and have the visa prepared there. When you touch base at the air terminal or land outskirt, the traditions operators will allude you to a migration official who will confirm the data on the settler visa, at that point sign and favor it.

Subsequent to accepting permanent residency status, you will need verification of your permanent residency to show to aircrafts when you travel, or to Canadian traditions when you return. In the event that you intend to leave Canada, you ought to get a Permanent Residency (PR) Card. The PR card does not grant permanent habitation, however it is evidence that the holder is a permanent occupant. Inside Canada it is likewise a valuable type of distinguishing proof that can be utilized to get other essential archives, for example, a Social Insurance Number or a Health Card. Regularly, after a migrant visa is prepared at the airplane terminal or outskirt, the PR cards will be sent out to the new worker inside two or three weeks.

Migration to Canada by means of Express Entry System, the most famous and sorted out point based Immigration System on the planet today. Canada's Express Entry System chooses the gifted and capable settlers for changeless residency visa, in light of the necessities and prerequisites of its work market and economy.


    Types of streams under Express Entry System
  • Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSW)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Class (FST)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), Types of PNP's
    • Alberta Provincial Nominee Program
    • British Columbia PNP
    • Manitoba PNP
    • New Brunswick PNP
    • Newfoundland And Labrador PNP
    • Nova Scotia PNP
    • Northwest Territories PNP
    • Nunavut PNP
    • Ontario PNP
    • Prince Edward Island (PEI) PNP
    • Saskatchewan PNP
    • Yukon PNP


    Benefits & Advantages of Permanent Residence in Canada
  • Can live and work anywhere in Canada
  • Eligible for Canada's health care and social services
  • Sponsor family members to live in Canada permanently
  • Move to next steps of becoming a Canadian Citizen
  • Complete access to the domestic job market