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Study Visa - A pathway to obtain Canadian PR

Canadian study permit is the document that allows you to study at a school / college / univeristy in Canada. Upon acceptance to study at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI), you can apply for a Canadian study permit. The application process starts with Checking the Eligibity with proof of financial support and all supporting documents. Later, the application preparation that meet all eligibility requirements and submit the application.

Students from abroad and all around the world are continuing to grow every year in Canada, and most of them are able to stay in Canada after finishing their studies and proceed further to obtain permanent residence in Canada.

At Alpine, we assist you from choosing the universities and their programs. Each client under the International Student Program clients is provided with a counsellor who has been trained in the landscape of Canadian higher education and the Canadian university programs.

Starting from Choosing the University Program is the most important factor of your study permit application for Canada and we will evaluate and recommend for the particular education program depending on your work experience, skills and history of education. Depending on which, we will process your application for the particular School / College / University in Canada. Will apply for your study permit along with your acceptance letter.

  • All available options to study in Canada
  • How much it costs to study in Canada
  • Courses that are available
  • Universities in Canada, their intakes and requirements
  • How to use your Canadian study permit as a pathway to proceed forward for PR in Canada